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Controlling polarization is essential within the fiber-optics industry – integrating this function with computer
controlled capability enhances measurement speed, accuracy, and overall productivity.

FiberControl’s family of 1, 2 and 4 channel Motorized Polarization Controllers provides stable and rapid control of
the state-of polarization of laser sources without altering the time-averaged power. Utilizing the all fiber

Lefèvre loop design, this time-tested approach has proven to provide excellent control with ultra-low power
variations (PDL). The flexibility inherent within this design allows for a wide range of applications from component
testing to PMD related activities. The continuous length of fiber enables high power and ultra-low insertion
loss. This design offers a wide range of AutoScan rates and high incremental angular resolution. Supply
voltages range from 85 VAC to 264 VAC (47 Hz to 63 Hz). Operating wavelengths: 1070 nm or
1300 nm to 1600 nm.



  • Single-fiber design
  • Ultra-low insertion loss, PDL, and back-reflection
  • Convenient save/recall settings
  • Multi-rate polarization scrambling
  • AutoScan operation with a wide dynamic range of rotational speed
  • GPIB IEEE 488.2 & RS-232 and BTM standard
  • Labview 6.0 driver provided. May be used with C,
    C++, VB, or any other development language
    featuring GPIB support
  • 950 nm to 1070 nm or 1300 nm to 1600 nm


  • Component level PDL measurements
  • Sub-system PDL testing
  • General purpose in-line control of the SOP
  • Low to medium-speed polarization scrambler
  • Polarization pattern generator
  • Maximize or minimize signal intensity with feedback
    from optical power meters (or OSA)
  • Component within PMD emulator
  • Component within PMD compensator
  • Polarization stabilizer

Specifications: (optical, line,. power, physical)

Optical Specifications

Insertion-Loss (typical) *

< 1.00 dB

Extinction Ratio (typical) **

> 40 dB

Coverage of Poincaré Sphere

100 %

Polarization Dependent Loss **

< ± 0.002 dB

Wavelength Operating Range

1300 nm to 1600 nm,
or 980 nm region

Connector Types

FC, SC, or Bare Fiber

Return Loss (Connector polish)

> - 50 dB (0°)
> - 60 dB (8°, fusion splice)

Max. Signal Power ***

+30 dBm

Max SOP Transit Time of Single Waveplate****


Minimum Rotational Resolution †

0.15 °/step

Angular Accuracy (averaged over 360°) ‡§

0.00024° (<±0.9")

Angular Repeatability (1- Sigma) ‡

± 0.014°

Rotation Stability (Drift) Over Time§

< 0.0069°

Range of Rotational Speed of Single Waveplate****

1 – 2880 °/sec @ 33 º/sec

Maximum Rotational Speed per Channel****


Maximum Rotational Speed, Cascaded Channels****
MPC1-01 (3 waveplates), MPC1-02 (6wp), MPC1-M (12wp)

8,640°/sec, 17,280°/sec, 34,560°/sec

Settling Time

0.007 sec – 0.015 sec

Number of AutoScan Rate Settings


Number of Save/Recall Settings


* 1550 nm with connectors
** 1550 nm with FC/PC connectors, completely polarized light
*** Below SRS limit (SBS limit determined by the spectral broadening of user’s source)
**** Corresponding to transitions in Stokes 3-space
† Mechanical rotations via micro-stepped stepper motors
‡ Statistically calculated mechanical value from exp. meas. of a representative sample of early production units, not guaranteed/non-warranted specification
§ Below mechanically resolved experimental meas. limit of 0.0069° (<0.5')

Instrumentation Control

Parallel Interface

Standard GPIB (IEEE 488.2)

Serial Interfaces

Standard EIA-RS232

Response Time†

< 5 msec

Software Compatibility
w/ GUI interface

LabView 6.0, C, C++,
or any GPIB compatible language

SOP AutoScan

User algorithms entered at front
panel or via GUI

SOP Scramble

Near uniform inStokes 3-space

Waveplate Actuation

Stepping motor with micro-stepping excitation

System Controller

Embedded Microcontroller, 40 MHz

Operating System

Windows9x, 2000 Pro, Win NT 4.0, XP

† - Control IEEE 488.2 GPIB, RS232, Binary Transparent

Line Power / Temperature

Electrical Input Voltage

85-264 VAC, auto-switching

Line Frequency

47-63 Hz

Power Dissipation (nominal) MPC1-01, MPC1-02, MPC1-M

11.0 W, 19.9 W, 41.5 W

Fusing Requirements
MPC1-01, MPC1-02, MPC1-M

1 Amp

Power Receptacle

IEC 320

Power Supply Efficiency (nominal) Operating Temperature

-10 °C to +35 °C


Dimensions (H x Wx D)
MPC1-1, MPC1-2, MPC1-M

9.2 x 23.5 x 40 cm ( 3½ x 9 ¼ x 15 ¾")
9.2 x 44.8 x 40 cm ( 3½ x 17½ x 15¾")

MPC1-1, MPC1-2, MPC1-M

35.7 N (8.03lbs), 41.4 N (9.32lbs),
70.8 N (15.92lbs)

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